Hungry, Neglected, Abused... Never Again!


Josey can move! To see Josey’s story click here


This beautiful mare has had a difficult life until she came to our Sanctuary.  Read about her journey here.

New Friends

New horses meeting their new herds is always exciting and joyful!   Learn about Gael and Grace’s narrow escape to our Sanctuary by clicking their names.


Power, grace and a huge heart – read about Gandalf’s journey here.

Josey, Gael, Grace, Hazel, Gandalf and all of the other horses of Equamore need your help!
Please make a donation to support their Sanctuary.

Thor’s Take On Our Year-End Celebration

Please Join the Horses of Equamore

Join us to celebrate our 2017 year-end  and to ring in the New Year.  All are welcome – no charge!

The NeighSaver


Read up on everything going on at the Sanctuary… here!

Meet the Equamore Horses
Equamore Foundation needs your help to provide feed, shelter and veterinary care for our existing horses, to be able to accept additional horses into the Sanctuary, and to ensure that we can stay at the Sanctuary forever. We want “Hungry, Neglected, Abused… Never Again” to be a reality for our horses and for those all those other horses that need us.
See all horses here
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