Hungry, Neglected, Abused... Never Again!


Read about Poquito here.

Couples’ Field

Learn about Coco, Maguire T, Bobby Socks, Silver Belle, Diamond, Flint
and Dancer by clicking their names.

Front Herd

Click the horse’s name for his or her story. Gael, Cosmo, Hazel and Toiy.

Back Fields

Steele, Bear, Tank, Morey, Finn and Thor in the Back Fields.
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The Equamore Foundation provides rescue and sanctuary for neglected, abused, and abandoned horses that have no other alternative for life. Each day our Sanctuary pushes back against cruelty and indifference. Our mission of kindness and respect for the dignity of all life is vital and universal.

Authors for Equamore

We are delighted and grateful to renowned authors Victor Lodato and James Anderson for their support. Details here!

Friendship Celebration

Please Join the Horses of Equamore for a Year-End Celebration.  Details here.

The NeighSaver


Read up on everything going on at the Sanctuary… here!

Thor’s Last Blog About Sara

Thor has blogged about Sara for years! See his final thoughts here.

Sanctuary Picnic Friendship Drive

It’s time for our annual Sanctuary Picnic Friendship Drive.  Check it out!

Meet the Equamore Horses Equamore Foundation needs your help to provide feed, shelter and veterinary care for our existing horses, to be able to accept additional horses into the Sanctuary, and to ensure that we can stay at the Sanctuary forever. We want “Hungry, Neglected, Abused… Never Again” to be a reality for our horses and for those all those other horses that need us. See all horses here

Equamore Horses

Star's Story

Dapple's Story

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