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Make a One-time Donation

donatetoEquamoreHelp us cover unexpected vet and farrier costs, special feeds, and medicines, as well as to purchase fly masks, blankets, grooming supplies, etc. Simply click on one of the fixed-donation boxes on the right to get started. IRS Tax ID Number: 46-2853049

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Buy A Bale (or 2 or 3 or 4!) Every Month

Equamore Foundation needs regular monthly ‘subscription supporters’ to keep our horses fed.

  • 1 bale feeds a horse for a week – $20 / month
  • 2 bales feed a horse for 2 weeks – $40 / month
  • 3 bales feed a horse for 3 weeks – $60 / month
  • 4 bales feed a horse for a month – $80/ month (Less than the price of a latté per day!)

Help our horses every month by subscribing here…

Make a Capital Campaign Donation

Your donation of $1,000 or more (click on the right) will help us build a hay barn, build new fences, and ensure we can stay at the Sanctuary forever.

Estate Plan

To include Equamore Foundation in your estate plan or to make a gift of securities, please call (541) 482-5550, or contact us at for information and assistance.

How to Become a Volunteer

Because most of the Foundation’s horses have endured abuse and/or neglect, the special people who work with them must be committed to them and to the Equamore Foundation without any motives other than doing so “for the love of horses.” For that reason, our horse caregivers must be trained to ensure their own safety and to guarantee they practice good horse handling as we define it.

More than horse care, there are other equally important ways volunteers contribute to our mission. These include clerical work, gardening, and facilities maintenance. As a matter of fact, most of our horse care volunteers began their volunteer work by doing clerical work in the Sanctuary office, by completing maintenance and clean-up projects, and by contributing time and money to our fund raising efforts.

The steps to becoming one of our valuable volunteers are easy.

  • First, all volunteers are Equamore Friends who pledge a monthly contribution to the Equamore Foundation, as all care is provided by the employees and Friends of Equamore. This can be accomplished by calling 541-482-5550 or by signing up to contribute monetarily to the care of the horses and the maintenance of the Sanctuary (using any of the Donation buttons above or on an individual horse’s page.)
  • To volunteer, first complete this application form and you will be notified of the next volunteer meeting.
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