Report Horse Abuse


In Jackson County, Oregon:

  • Document everything as well as you can. Take note of times, dates, horse descriptions, exact location, trouble signs, etc. Take photos if possible. The more information you have, the more likely quick action will be taken.
  • Call the Jackson County Sheriff’s office at (541) 776-7208 as soon as possible. Tell the dispatcher at this non-emergency line that you’re reporting a possible case of horse neglect/abuse. It may help to say you would like the deputy to contact you once the horse has been checked.
  • Write down the case number so that you can reference it later when you follow up. The case number will be something similar to 12-12345. Most likely, the investigating agency will be the Jackson Count Sheriff’s Office. Just to be safe, confirm with the dispatcher which agency will be investigating your complaint.
  • Follow up! Find out what action has been taken. Law enforcement agencies can be very busy; make sure action has been taken!


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