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A Discarded Toiy

  • Grey Arab Mare
  • Entry Date – August, 2013 at 9 years of age
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – Unrideable and dangerous
  • Special needs – Time to learn to trust humans again.

Toiy Beauty (“Toiy”) is a stunning grey Arab mare who has been passed from owner to owner a number of times. While her history is incomplete, we know that she had at one point been a starvation victim, purchased off Craig’s List, and then purchased by a trainer who reported that Toiy was extremely tense and unpredictable under saddle even for the most seasoned riders. All this misery and she was only nine years old! The trainer asked if Toiy could come to the Sanctuary rather than to the lion sanctuary where she was scheduled to be taken the next day. Our Sanctuary was out of space, but a kind friend offered to provide foster care until room became available.

In November of 2013, Toiy left foster care and joined the large front herd. As are many horses who come to the Sanctuary, Toiy was fearful and anxious around people, leading us to believe that she has been poorly treated physically as well as starved in her short lifetime. She also had poor social skills, shying from the other horses until the alpha mare of the herd taught her over time to join in. Young horses like Toiy have incredible resilience, as well as, an incredible capacity to forgive. In her two and one-half years at the Sanctuary, Toiy is finally beginning to trust people and is fully integrated into her herd.

We expect that her behavior under saddle was the result of physical problems, possibly even gastric ulcers ( exacerbated by being ridden. Horses like Toiy make us wish we could talk to them directly to let them know that at the Equamore Sanctuary, we require nothing more of them than to be horses and that hunger, neglect, and abuse are things of the past. As it is, we depend on careful, knowledgeable treatment, and the power of the herd to communicate this important message.

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