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The Last Terrible Day

  • Black Bay QTR Gelding
  • Entry Date – 11/19/11
  • Type of rescue – Seizure by Jackson County Sheriff’s Department
  • Reason – Severe neglect and abuse
  • Special needs – Patience and understanding because of emotional trauma
Thor & Magic

Thor & Magic

When authorities were asked to check on two neglected horses in a weedy field in the Applegate valley, they found a fit and feisty Quarter Horse and an emaciated Thoroughbred who could not walk on his overgrown and foundered feet. Realizing that it was only a matter of time before death from starvation or lack of water took its final toll on the Thoroughbred, Jackson County Sherriff’s Deputies prepared a case against the negligent owner. While neighbors fed and watered the horses, the evidence was brought before a judge who issued an order to seize the animals and prosecute the owner for neglect and abuse.

The order stipulated that the seizure had to occur on the date of issue: not a problem for the Thoroughbred, but a big problem for the Quarter Horse.  The black bay gelding evaded his captors from early morning until dusk despite his right front hoof being grossly overgrown.  He was haltered quickly by our Executive Director and coaxed to the trailer six times and all six times he bolted away in fear, running around the huge field dragging his lead rope. Running out of time, a cowboy and his roping horse, two Sheriff’s deputies on quads, and a veterinarian with a tranquilizer took up the chase to capture Thor.  Finally he was roped, tranquilized and forced into the trailer.  It was a terrible day for Thor, but it was also his last terrible day.

It is unknown why Thor is so fearful of humans, except to know from his behavior that he suffered horrible experiences in his past.  His fear makes him dangerous as he bolts when startled or to get away from people.  Slowly he is learning to trust those who care for him.  He can now be groomed in the cross ties, picks up his feet nicely for cleaning, takes treats from hands of his human friends and offers his big baritone nicker to his friends when he sees them.  Thor has a huge heart and tries hard to please. He will spend the rest of his life at our Sanctuary where his journey toward trust and confidence will continue.


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