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The End of a Long Nightmare

  • Appaloosa Gelding
  • Entry Date – 6/6/18 at Age 7
  • Type of rescue – Surrender to Jackson County Sheriff’s Department
  • Reason – Chronic Neglect
  • Special needs – None

Tank is a boisterous Appaloosa gelding who we have known for more than five years. We wrote before about our frustration with a chronic abuser in Southern Oregon where we had over the years removed four horses – our beloved Royal Crown, Dusty, Arlo, and Frida (Tank’s mother.) We watched as multiple other equines died on the property. Finally, Tank came to our Sanctuary with the other surviving horse Maria.

As best we know, Tank spent his entire life on this property, never having had shelter and frequently going without feed and water. The fencing was poor with horses breaking out repeatedly. After Maria suffered serious injuries which went untreated for weeks, the owner finally surrendered Tank (and Maria.)

Tank is a handful! He is learning to be led and to pick his feet up for cleaning. He spends his days in the big gelding herd, never far from the fence line between him and Maria and his nights in the main barn with Maria in side-by-side stalls. We are so relieved Tank and Maria are finally here.

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