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Cute As A Bug’s Ear

  • Palomino Shetland Stallion
  • Entry Date – 5/1/12 at 5 months of age
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – Death of owner
  • Special needs – Will need to be gelded in the future

Poquito was brought to Equamore as part of a temporary arrangement to care for three ponies who were surrendered by their owner when she entered a hospice facility with a terminal illness. Equamore Foundation and others worked diligently to find placement for Poquito, his mother, and one other little mare, much to the relief of the owner. The two mares, Crystal and Tessa were placed together in a permanent home outside of the Sanctuary and Poquito will remain at Equamore Sanctuary with his new friend Ranger, a little Miniature horse that arrived at the Sanctuary about the same time as the ponies.

Like most youngsters, Poquito is endlessly curious, frequently sticking his nose into places where it doesn’t belong. His antics have been captured on a number of videos, which can be seen on the Sanctuary YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/EquamoreFoundation. In one sequence Poquito finds an owlet that had not perfected his flying skills yet and was sitting on the wall under where its parents nested in the rafters of the indoor arena. The species-to-species confrontation is just one of the many interesting things that happen on a daily basis at the Equamore Sanctuary.

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