Montana Sunday (Joe)

The Best of Intentions Gone Wrong

  • Bay TB Gelding
  • Born on 1/11/89
  • Entry Date – 7/1/06
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – Owner financially unable to meet his needs
  • Special needs – Some special feeds

“I believe in the healing power of horses,” says Margaret. “I felt that caring for a horse could fulfill my daughter’s need to have something to nurture and care for while I fought my cancer. Margaret’s story continues, “Joe helped Lyric to center and stabilize emotionally. The horse was her way to get through the difficult times we were going through.”

But hard times became harder, and Joe’s special needs, as well as medical bills depleted the family’s bank account. Martha was forced to ask Equamore Foundation for help. Since Lyric wanted desperately to keep her horse, Executive Director Linda Davis suggested that she work at the barn to pay for part of Joe’s board while Equamore worked to find a sponsor to pay for the remainder. And that’s where Wells Fargo came to the rescue. To the Ashland branch manager of the bank, whose logo is a horse drawn stagecoach, helping out a horse rescue organization seemed a happy coincidence. And he had heard about Margaret’s illness, Lyric’s bond with Joe, and the girl’s willingness to work off part of the board expense to keep her horse. A unique partnership was formed to make sure that the best intentions that motivated Margaret to buy Joe in the first place had a happy ending.

At the end of one year, the Wells Fargo sponsorship expired and Joe was taken into the Foundation permanently.

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