Mi Amoré (Morey)

Irie’s Last Labor Of Love

  • Chestnut QTR Gelding
  • Entry Date – Mother arrived 11/20/06 & Morey was born 4/1/07
  • Type of rescue – Mother was surrendered because she was pregnant
  • Reason – Spared euthanasia
  • Special needs – None

Morey came to Equamore as a passenger when his mother Irie was rescued and brought into the foundation in 2006. Despite her unhealthy condition, Irie carried her foal to term and raised him with protective determination. Morey lived for two years with his mother in the creek field, where he was tutored by his favorite “uncle,” Boogie, the blind Appaloosa. When his exuberance proved to be too much for Boogie, the two-year old was allowed to join other geldings in the upper field, spending his days with his new friends and his nights back under the protective care of his mother. As do most children, Morey eventually “left home,” staying permanently with the gelding herd.

He is now a healthy five-year old, who took easily to halter, grooming, and trimming because of the gentle care he experienced his entire life at the Equamore Sanctuary. Morey is now ridden by a young girl, Pyper Siriani, who lives next door and is fostering her dream horse. Pyper and Sanctuary director Linda Davis are working as a team to prepare Morey for his first dressage show and also a little jumping.

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