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Bomb Proof

  • Bay QTR Gelding
  • Entry Date – 2/1/10 at 8 years of age
  • Type of rescue – Surrender
  • Reason – Owner lost interest in riding
  • Special needs – None

Josey had a very rough beginning in his early training that made him very fearful, jumpy, and even explosive at times. He had been sold as a “bomb proof” horse to a family for a teenage girl to ride. As often happens, his rider lost interest in riding, and Josey’s family searched for a new owner, one who would continue treating him with patience and kindness and continue working to gain his trust. Because Josey was quite complicated to ride, prospects for finding him a compassionate and understanding rider were limited. To prevent him from ending up in yet another bad situation, which would have broken his heart, the family gave him to Eden Farm.

The bay gelding has since been accepted into the Foundation, where he is currently in training with one of the students at the Sanctuary, learning to enjoy being ridden in a close partnership with his rider.

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