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Rescued Twice in the Same Year

  • Appaloosa Mare
  • Entry Date – October 19, 2012 (originally rescued by Rogue Valley Humane Society)
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered to Rogue Valley Humane Society
  • Reason – Neglect and abuse
  • Special needs – diagnosis and treatment of lameness issues

Hazel was originally rescued by two people, reportedly from an elderly woman in Williams, Oregon, and brought to their home in Grants Pass.  While their intentions were good, they knew nothing of horse care.   Thinking they were meeting her needs, they left Hazel alone to graze in a vineyard fenced with barbed wire, where the resident dog chased her and pulled her tail for fun! Noticing that the mare was growing thinner and virtually tailless while her feet were growing longer and longer, Hazel’s rescuers realized they were in over their heads and called the Rogue Valley Humane Society.

While the RVHS does not generally work with large animals, they were so concerned for Hazel—whom they found cowering in a chicken coop—that they had her transported to a foster home hoping they could find a permanent placement for her.   While the foster home wanted to help and started a good feeding program for Hazel, they discovered that she was quite wild, extremely difficult to halter, and unwilling to have her hooves trimmed.  Hazel was moved to a training facility in Rogue Valley, where the experts were able to halter and work with her to see if she might be trained under saddle.

Sadly for Hazel, she has physical problems with her hind-quarters and cannot be ridden. Additionally, she shows signs of serious emotional trauma.   No one really knows what her life was like before her rescue, but something in her past has caused this mare to be very fearful.   Without any other alternatives for this beautiful mare, RVHS called Equamore with a plea for help.

Hazel arrived at Equamore Foundation’s Sanctuary where she is gaining confidence in her caregivers and making friends with the other horses.   This sweet and engaging mare has found her permanent home where she will be loved and her needs met for the rest of her life.

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