Her Time Had Run Out

  • Thoroughbred Mare – Approximately 10 years of age
  • Entry Date – 10/14/15
  • Type of rescue – Save from a “kill pen”
  • Reason – Scheduled for slaughter
  • Special needs – Hoof trimming and lots of groceries

We know almost nothing of Gael’s past. She was rescued from a kill pen in Washington State along with her pen mate Grace. Her history, her prior owners, and even her prior name are all unknown.

What we do know is that she is very sweet, beautiful, young, and healthy. It is obvious that she has been handled before. She loves to be groomed and very much enjoys being around people. While she presents some difficulty in her right hind leg (possibly an injury to the stifle area), she moves quite beautifully. We can only guess what caused someone to give her up for slaughter. Such a sad and common occurrence for horses that are no longer “useful” to their owners.

Video clip of Gael and Grace awaiting rescue:

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