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Never Allowed To Be A Horse

  • Chestnut Arab Gelding
  • Entry Date – 8/15/08 at age 3
  • Type of rescue – Seizure by Sheriff’s Department
  • Reason – Starvation victim
  • Special needs – None now but was fed special feeds until he regained his proper weight

Finn and three other Arabs were rescued from a small farm in Central Point. One horse on the property, Finn’s grandfather, was already dead, and Finn was desperately undernourished and fearful. The three-year-old stallion had lived his entire life in a pen normally used for dogs rather than horses. Although he could see his sister, sire, and dam, he could not touch them.
For months after rescue, he was extremely fearful, but never aggressive. Equamore volunteers prevailed using a benign training program that uses one important strategy: allowing a horse to act like a horse. Once healthy, Finn was gelded and allowed to interact with other horses, succeeding in yet another aspect of his training. His dark chestnut coloring and typical Arab conformation make him clearly identifiable as he grazes next to Hoover, a new found friend.

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