Left Wounded to Fend for Himself

  • Black Bay Morgan/Arab Gelding
  • Born in 1996
  • Entry Date – 8/10/05
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – Complete neglect of a huge wound in his left flank area that was left untreated
  • Special needs – None
Chaps Injury

Chaps’ Wound

This stunning black bay Morgan/Arab gelding came to our Sanctuary over eleven years ago. Chaps languished alone in a field after being injured severely in his left flank. The wound, the size of a dinner plate, was covered with dead skin the texture of dried leather. The owner called the Equamore Foundation and reported “my horse has something on his side and I am not calling the vet.”

Chaps was transported to the Sanctuary by the owner’s neighbor at which time the owner surrendered Chaps. The wound was several weeks old and Chaps was near death’s door from this act of neglect. With competent veterinary care, the necrotic tissue was removed and several drains were put in place to irrigate the gaping wound twice daily for weeks. On several occasions, the bay gelding developed a high fever that required daily antibiotic treatment. Chaps’ recovery is testimony to the dedication of the Equamore volunteers who monitored his treatment.

Chaps is an incredibly sweet horse who is thriving at our Sanctuary. He is currently in training, has been a reliable camp horse, and has occasionally been seen in the show arena at the Sanctuary during our shows. He comes nicely from the field when his special person calls – and ignores everyone else!

The scar on Chaps’ flank is a reminder to us of the suffering of horses, of the all too frequent disregard of that suffering by horse owners, and the real hope for physical and emotional recovery represented by our Sanctuary.


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