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Blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other

  • Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding
  • Entry Date – 10/22/16 at 23 years of age
  • Type of rescue – Surrender
  • Reason – Owner unable to care for Cash
  • Special needs – Continuing care of leg wound

Cash is an elderly gelding Quarter Horse whose owner loved him. He served his owner for many years before his owner, and thus Cash, fell on hard times. When surrendered to the Sanctuary, Cash had a horrible wound in his left hind leg, was severely under-weight, and was nearly blind. His owner reported that “he was blind in one eye and couldn’t see out of the other.” If the Sanctuary did not accept him, he was to be euthanized.

Cash is a sweet and patient horse, accepting treatment quietly, and seeming to like the attention of it all. Our veterinary ophthalmologist treated his eyes, but there was not a lot of help to be had. We were assured he was “easing into” his blindness.

While it took several months on special feeds to build his weight, Cash spent his days on the big lawn and in a stall at night. His poor vision did not permit him to join the gelding herd. Soon it became clear that Cash could not safely navigate even the big lawn and was introduced to Eddie and Wishes, our blind horses, in their special field. Initially Cash spent his time claiming the beautiful Wishes, much to the chagrin of Eddie. Although his eyes are failing and he is still under treatment recovering from his leg injury, everything else worked well! Eventually they all settled down. Cash now spends his days and nights in the safety of the blind horse field with two gentle friends.

Our blind horses inspire us. Despite their handicaps, they graze, they groom each other, they love being groomed by people, and they exhibit grace and humor daily. Lessons for us all here!

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