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A Place for Bear

  • Bay DWB Gelding
  • Entry Date – 5/4/18 at 28 Years of Age
  • Special Needs – Has Cushing’s Disease

After twenty years with the same family, Bear’s life was coming to a premature end because health issues forced his owner to move from the property that Bear knew as home. Unable to find a place to move Bear because of his special needs, a veterinarian was called in to euthanize him. Unable to bring themselves to end Bear’s life, the vet call Equamore asking if the Sanctuary could take him in.

Providing a retirement home for privately owned horses is not part of Equamore’s mission, but in this case, Bear was out of alternatives. Although unusual, Bear was accepted into the Sanctuary with a commitment from Bear’s owner that she would continue to support him financially.

This story is all too common when horses live longer than their owners or their ability to provide the daily care required. One of the greatest needs for horses like Bear is affordable retirement facilities where responsible horse owners can place their horses for the remainder of their lives with feed, shelter, turnout, companionship, and any special needs they might have if the time comes when their owners can no long provide that care.

Upon his arrival and for a few days following, Bear looked worried and unsettled. The daily routine at the barn soon began to put Bear at ease, especially the daily turnout into the gelding herd. But for weeks he worked himself into a sweat chasing the mares up and down the fence line between the mare and gelding fields, and sparring with another gelding Tank, who was also seemingly obsessed with the mares.

Finally, Bear and Tank have become friends, sometimes calmly patrolling the fence line together, and sometimes ignoring the mares and gazing and grooming together.


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