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It Takes A Village

  • Breed –  Paint Liver Chestnut (Solid Color With Blaze and Blue Eye) Mare
  • Entry Date – September 29, 2013 at Age 8
  • Type of rescue – Transfer From Original Rescue Facility
  • Reason – Neglect and Serious Injury
  • Special needs – None

April, a beautiful solid paint mare with one striking blue eye, came to our sanctuary in 2013 from “Save A Forgotten Equine” horse rescue (known as “SAFE”) in Washington State.

Before rescue by SAFE, April lived alone in a small, muddy paddock with little to eat. Her living conditions had already attracted the attention of animal control agents, but it was not until she got tangled in barbed wire that her owner surrendered her to authorities. The deep and lengthy laceration in her neck muscles had exposed her jugular vein, making her recovery uncertain. Fortunately, SAFE took April in and their veterinarian was able to close the wound and stave off infection until the mare healed.

Once recovered from her ordeal, April was put into training as a riding horse. After good progress initially, SAFE realized that April’s periodic signs of lameness and pain during lessons made her unsuitable for riding. She was also unsuited as a companion horse because of her aggressive behavior toward other horses and sometimes toward people as well. April was a horse seemingly without alternatives.

Happily for April, a wonderful woman became aware of April’s plight and connected SAFE and Equamore who both agreed that sanctuary was the only option remaining for this beautiful if troubled mare. Under SAFE’s supervision, April was trailered to our sanctuary in Ashland, Oregon and began her new life at her forever home. In the nearly two years since arriving at our sanctuary, April has learned to find security and companionship in a herd under the tutelage of an alpha mare named Brie, and has become loving and sweet with her human caregivers. Sadly Brie died just recently, but just weeks before she died, three geldings named Josey, Cosmo, and Gizmo were moved into the herd with April and the other mares. Since Brie’s passing, April has found a new mentor in Josey.

Horses like April make our hearts sing.  Once without alternatives, she has finally found her forever home and her sweet nature and confidence as a horse are shining through.


“Save a Forgotten Equine” See their web site  for “A Happy Ending for April,” https://www.safehorses.org

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