Oregon Hay Bank: Giving A Hand


Oregon Hay Bank A Helping Hand Getting A Hand


  • By making an online donation in any amount

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        • By pledging a monthly online donation of 1, 2, 3, or 4 bales of hay

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  • By phoning in a one-time or monthly donation
  • By mailing a check to the Oregon Hay Bank office
  • By donating hay or other feeds
  • By including the Oregon Hay Bank on your club’s membership renewal forms
  • By including a mandatory donation on show entry forms
  • By organizing and holding a fund-raiser for the Oregon Hay Bank
Oregon Hay Bank4723 HWY 66Ashland, OR 97520(541) 482-5550linda.oregonhaybank@charter.net
Logo-on-Background The Oregon Hay Bank is administered by the Equamore FoundationTax ID # 46-2853049


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