Oregon Hay Bank: A Helping Hand


Oregon Hay Bank Getting A Hand Giving A Hand

. . . to Horses

In 2012 the Oregon Hay Bank funded requests for temporary assistance to 102 qualified applicants experiencing financial hardship so that 207 horses could stay at home and out of rescue facilities. Assistance was also provided to a number of equine rescue groups and law enforcement agencies when horses were seized or surrendered in abuse and neglect cases in Marion Clackamas, Crook, Josephine, and Klickitat Counties. Our support programs include.

  • Hay and feed assistance
  • Hoof care assistance
  • Equine health care services
  • Rescue/sanctuary assistance

. . . to Horse Rescues

The Oregon Hay Bank proudly supports reputable equine rescue and sanctuary programs. To date, we have supplied applications, forms, protocols and procedures to no fewer than ten other groups and organizations throughout the United States who asked to follow our model to start “Hay Banks” of their own. We have also provided feed and veterinary assistance to six separate rescue organizations in the state of Oregon.

. . . to Communities

The Oregon Hay Bank assists individuals, families, and equine welfare and rehabilitation centers statewide, contributing thousands of dollars to local economies.We track each horse and horse owner we serve to measure the effect our help has on keeping horses out of rescues. The bottom line is that 96% of the privately owned horses served through Oregon Hay Bank programs in 2012 are still with their owners. We are proof positive that a small number of concerned, motivated people can make a difference for those who encounter temporary financial  difficulties.

Oregon Hay Bank
4723 HWY 66
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 482-5550
Logo-on-Background The Oregon Hay Bank is administered by the Equamore Foundation Tax ID # 46‑2853049


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  1. I was approved for a grant through the Oregon Hay Bank here just a few weeks ago.. I worked with Linda and I could write 10 pages on how this grant changed not only my life but my girls and horses. My horses are very attached to my girls and this I’m finding out after the fact . I can’t thank Linda and my lord enough for this opportunity to have a new life.

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