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Teamwork Makes a Difference!

Support Team members know that rescue is not a short-term proposition. To make sure that Equamore horses fully recover and live out the rest of their lives in Sanctuary, team members pool their contributions and use their email and social media accounts to encourage others to help give their horse the kind of care needed to recover from starvation, neglect, and abuse.Choose Support Team

First: browse our horse histories to pick a horse whose team you’d like to join. (Click the button to the right to choose a horse.)

Second: Fill out the “Support Team Application” on your horse’s history page and commit to a monthly or one-time contribution, becoming not only a team member but One in a Thousand, an Equamore Friend.

Third: Visit your horse’s page online any time, or in person during any of the planned Open Barn Days on the Equamore Calendar.


General UC Davis Young

General U.C. Davis as a baby.

A Team Success Story

“The General,” pictured to the right as a baby, was brought to the Equamore Sanctuary in 1999 at just a few weeks old. The blind colt had been abandoned after he became hopelessly tangled in brush and was unable to follow his fast moving band. His rescuer sought help from the only organization in southern Oregon willing to take on the care of abandoned horses: the Equamore Foundation of Ashland, OR. Volunteers quickly had the foal’s condition diagnosed by local vets and began the process of seeking funding to correct the bilateral cataracts that obscured his eyesight.The veterinary program at the University of California at Davis offered the surgery at a reduced cost; funding was procured from Equamore donors who formed the first Equamore Rescue Team, and the tiny equine was transported in the back of an SUV to California, where his eyesight was partially restored. He returned to the Equamore Sanctuary newly named, General U. C. Davis, in honor of the university’s generous gift, “General,” for short.

Now, for the rest of the story . . .

General UC Davis Young

General U.C. Davis as a baby.

When a rescue organization accepts an unadoptable horse as Equamore did when it took in a blind foal, it makes a commitment to care for that animal for its lifetime. The problem is how to sustain funding over the four decades a healthy horse might live. Equamore volunteers came up with a team approach for ‘The General.” Ten horse lovers, who could not afford to care for a partially blind horse by themselves, created the first Equamore Rescue Team. Each member of the team agreed to contribute part of the cost of caring for “The General.” While many of the original members of “G Team” have continued their sponsorship for the last 13 years, others have been unable to sustain their level of support. That’s where you come in . . .

G Team changed the world for General U. C. Davis. You can help them or change the world for another horse by joining an existing team or organizing a new team for any of Equamore’s  horses or ponies. It’s a wonderful way to use your creativity to make others aware of the needs of horses like General U. C. Davis and to encourage them to join a rescue team.



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