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Percheron Appaloosa Cross Gelding Entry Date – November 28, 2017 at approximately 17 years of age Type of rescue – Intervention by law enforcement and local community members Reason – Abandoned by Owner Special needs – Blind and needs eye treatments to get his eyes pain free Story catch – A Horse with No Name Approximately two months before Juan arrived at the Equamore Sanctuary he lived on a run-down piece of property in Nehalem, OR where he received very…

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Sara Featured


Liver Chestnut Arabian Mare Entry Date – 8/15/08 at age 18 Type of rescue – Seizure by Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Reason – Sever neglect and abuse Special needs – None Sara, a beautiful Arabian mare, came to the Sanctuary at age 18 as part of a four-horse seizure by Jackson County Sheriff’s Department in 2008.  Of the five horses on the property, one of whom had died of starvation, Sara was in the best condition.  After she regained her…

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About Sara

I have blogged about Sara many times: how I happily bit her (July, 2012), how I schemed to set her “free” (May, 2013), how I gloated when she knew our person was giving me treats (July, 2013) and how I joyfully chased her through the fields (April, 2014). I have not blogged or even complained about her recently because she has had so many problems and our person was so upset about it.  Sara died last week.  It makes me…

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Some “Party”

Yesterday the people had a “party” to celebrate the end of this year and the beginning of the next one. I don’t keep time. Sun up – breakfast, sun down – dinner. Clean and simple. Parties make people do some dumb things, but this one really chafed. To celebrate they kept us all in the barn so the people could look at us. I hate all those people coming in, with everyone wanting to touch us. I prefer the company…

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A Loose Horse Is A Loose Cannon Bay Morgan Gelding Entry Date – 12/21/10 Type of rescue – Abandoned Special needs – None Bravo was an abandoned horse in the winter of 2010 when the Sheriff’s Department received a call that he was roaming around the North Medford area. Residents said he’d been loose for days and had tried to get into a field with several mares. Since the Sheriff’s Department has no facility for housing large animals, they asked…

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