This “gentle giant” lost his battle against chronic colic on August 23, 2013. Zulu was well loved for his kind nature. We will miss him, as will his best friend Joe.

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Henry After


Lonely and unwanted, Henry lived in a field alone for over eight long years. In Sanctuary, he and Buckley quickly became friends, seldom leaving each others’ side until Henry’s death in 2013.

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Destiny Headshot


Rescued and fully sponsored by an Equamore volunteer, Destiny was able to enjoy her retirement at Equamore Sanctuary until she succumbed to a series of whole-body inflamations in 2012.

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Down On Her Knees Chestnut QTR Mare Entry Date – 3/15/11 Type of rescue – Surrendered Reason – Could not be ridden Special needs – Previcox daily A Quarter Horse mare named Kizzy was surrendered to us in 2011 thin and with teeth needing serious attention. Her owner said that every time she put a saddle on the mare, Kizzy would fall to her knees. And it’s no wonder as both Kizzy’s front legs are very bowed and extremely “over…

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Snoopy Featured

Bold Ruler (Snoopy)

The First Equamore Horse Chestnut Arab Gelding Entry Date – from the beginning when Equamore was founded in 1991 Type of rescue – Surrendered Reason – Spared from euthanasia Special needs – Special feeds Snoopy was the first official Equamore horse! After an accident severing a nerve in his neck, his owner was unable to afford treatment and rehabilitation and he was scheduled for euthanasia. Equamore’s executive director intervened and Snoopy subsequently became the first Equamore horse when it was…

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“For the Love of Wishes” Entry Date –  December, 2012 at 30  years of age Type of rescue – Surrendered Reason – Starvation Special needs – Dental work, special feeds Shane came to us as an elderly horse, near starvation because his owners, despite their love for him, did not understand that elderly horses may not be able to get the nutrition they need merely by grazing. When Shane’s condition was reported to law enforcement, his owners surrendered him and…

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Official DDAF Grantee