Brie Featured


No Visible Means of Support and Needing Care from a Dog Attack Chestnut QTR Mare Entry Date – 5/6/05 at 1 year of age Type of rescue – Surrender Reason – Owner Unable to pay for boarding Special needs – None In 2005 Brie and her mother Zoë were both injured during an attack by a stray dog. While the wound to Zoë’s face healed, the injury to her leg was more severe, but she still managed to recover with…

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Kizzy Headshot

Kizzy: Beyond the Finish Line

One of Equamore’s strengths is that we know our horses, that we use patience and common sense when we deal with them, and that we understand that horses, like people, have posttraumatic stress reactions that can be triggered by what seems an insignificant set of circumstances.

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Bader Featured


A Rescue From the Brink of Starvation Chestnut Arab Gelding Entry Date – 8/15/08 at age 17 Type of rescue – Seizure by Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Reason – Starvation victim Special needs – None now but was fed special feeds until he regained his proper weight Cause and Date of Death – Fractured hip April 21, 2015 Bader and three other Arabs were rescued from a small farm in Central Point on the date of the Equamore Festival in…

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Johnnie B. Goode

Sweet, Starving, and Stoic Breed – Bay Arab Gelding Entry Date – July 27, 2013 at approximately 25 years of age Type of rescue – Surrendered Reason – Starvation (Henneke body score from 1 to 2) Special needs – Special Feeds and Dental Treatment Cause and Date of Death – Colic, April 7, 2015 Johnny B. Goode (“Johnny”) was rescued in response to a call from the Jackson County Sheriff’s office who had responded to a report of a starving…

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Shorty After


Simply Put, Shorty is Too Big for His Small Feet Bay QTR Gelding Entry Date – 1/03 at the age of 10 Type of rescue – Surrendered Reason – Spared from euthanasia Special needs – None Sadly, on this day we lost one of our most interesting horses. Shorty was always curious, and loved being around anyone who visited the Sanctuary. He had a permanent sponsor who visited him frequently, asking only that he be his own loving self. We…

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Magic (aka “Buddy”)

Tragically for his close friend, Thor, Magic unexpectedly died as the result of a colic attack that came on with devastating speed and severity. Despite our veterinarians efforts to save him, Magic became another victim of this all too common malady which attacks a horse’s delicate digestive system.

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Taz Featured

Taz (The Tasmanian Devil)

Taz’s stifle condition, at the end, made it impossible for him to get up when he needed to lie down to get the REM sleep horses must have. Again, we had to make the difficult decision humanely to end life when a horse’s condition no longer allows him to do more than suffer. We are heartened by the fact that Taz was an Equamore horse for over fourteen good years.

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Sassy Slide


The difficult decision to release Sassy from this life was made after consultation with the vet and farrier who could no longer, with good conscience, continue to treat the badly deteriorated joints in her lower front legs. We learn from all of our horses. From Sassy we are reminded of the strength of raw will power to defy the odds, the kindness of a spirit even in adversity, and the endurance of close friendship. We will miss you so much, Sassy.

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Raffie succumbed to a sudden and violent colic in January of 2014. He was with us for less than two years, but they were golden years for him. We are glad that we had a chance to know this kind and gentle soul.

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Buckley, whose sweet nature made him a favorite of horse and human alike, developed respiratory problems which took him suddenly in January of 2014. He is sorely missed.

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