Bryant’s Story

The Story of One Horse

Look back on our struggle for freedom, trace our present day strength to its source, and you will find that man’s pathway to glory is strewn with the bones of a horse. — Anonymous

He has spent hours patiently trotting and cantering at hundreds of schooling shows. He has stood by calmly while a 14 year old girl sobs her heart out into his neck telling him her fears and dramas. He has endured endless hours of trails and days of limited feed and standing in wet fields. He has helped a middle aged mom feel young again when she learns to canter, or a new widow recover her sense of joy in life. He has been a healthy mentor to a teen-aged boy as he looks for friends and acceptance. Sadly, in his time of need when he is deemed no longer usable, he is sold for 25 cents a pound. The years of patient riding are all but a whisper as he is loaded onto another trailer to a destiny we can’t even imagine.

But all is not lost, for hope is around the corner. That hope is that you will become a contributing member of the Equamore Foundation, pledging a few dollars a month, to provide this patient and noble servant a green field, clean water, and a soft place to sleep as the reward of his years of racing, breeding, dressage, jumping, reining and any other pursuit man has imagined.

Bryant Before & After

Brother, can you spare a bale?

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