One Lucky Girl

  • Appaloosa Mare – Over 30 years of age
  • Entry Date – 10/14/15
  • Type of rescue – Save from a “kill pen”
  • Reason – Scheduled for slaughter
  • Special needs – Veterinarian care for her eyes, removal of a sarcoid from her ear, dental care, and hoof trimming

Grace was a beautiful, elderly Appy mare. We know nothing of her past. She was rescued from a kill pen in Washington State along with her pen mate Gael. Her history, her prior owners, and even her prior name are all unknown.

What we do know is that she was “one lucky girl” to have befriended a mare named Gael in the pen where they were kept together until the next truck was to arrive to transport them both to a slaughter house. Arrangements had already been made to rescue Gael and transport her to the Equamore Sanctuary. While watching a video clip of Gael, some of the Sanctuary staff noticed the little mare nuzzling with Gael. Just the thought of the two being separated and the fate that awaited Grace was unbearable. In short order, several kind donors made it financially possible for Grace to be saved as well.

Shortly after arriving at our Sanctuary it became obvious that Grace had severe vision issues – her sight was limited and her eyes painful. She was brought from the fields and shelter of her herd, and kept in the barn while having special daily treatments prescribed by our equine eye doctor. We were hopeful of preserving or even enhancing the sight she has and ensuring her comfort. While this is difficult for staff, for her special human friend, and for Grace, we were determined to let her run with her herd again safely!

We can only guess that her age and health issues caused someone to give Grace up for slaughter. So many horses that are used for the healthy and productive years of their lives and then simply discarded face this horrific end. Grace did not.

We know from her sweet temperament that someone loved Grace once. For the rest of her life at Equamore she was loved again.

Video clip of Grace and Gael awaiting rescue: