Not Just a Pretty Face

  • Grey Arab Mare
  • Entry Date –12/30/12 at the approximate age of 12
  • Type of rescue – Surrender
  • Reason – Lameness and to Reunite Her with Rescued Pasture Mate
  • Special needs – Special trims and Supplements for Laminitis

After more than three months alone in a pasture after her best friend and sole companion Raffie was moved to Equamore Sanctuary, Bojingles (“Bo”) was finally able to join him.  As the truck and trailer approached the property where she lived, her eyes followed the trailer, as if she remembered it as the one that would take her to Raffie.

As she came out of the trailer at the Sanctuary and went into her new stall and run, she called out.  Raffie, who was at the time in the outdoor arena with his gelding herd, snapped his head toward the sound.  And he called back.  Raffie was brought to his stall next to Bo, and the two seemed familiar yet sweetly shy.  They were together ever since!

Bo was a lovely Arab mare, whose dark eyes and skin contrasted with her light grey coat.  Her former owners reported that she has had laminitis, and she does exhibit lameness issues.  Bo was part of our “foot fetish” project and received special trims, supplements and pain medicine to help with her lameness.

Bo’s sweet and gentle nature quickly made her a favorite of the staff and volunteers, as well as the other horses in her new herd.   Even Thor likes her!   At Equamore, Bo had the chance to live naturally in a herd instead of alone. She had her lameness issues addressed, and was able to be with her longtime companion Raffie.