Percheron Appaloosa Cross Gelding

  • Entry Date – November 28, 2017 at approximately 17 years of age
  • Type of rescue – Intervention by law enforcement and local community members
  • Reason – Abandoned by Owner
  • Special needs – Blind and needs eye treatments to get his eyes pain free
  • Story catch – A Horse with No Name

Approximately two months before Juan arrived at the Equamore Sanctuary he lived on a run-down piece of property in Nehalem, OR where he received very little care, if any. The owners separated and left the property leaving behind chickens, two calves, and this totally blind horse in severe discomfort from his painful eye condition.

A kind farmer agreed to give Juan a temporary home while his rescuers searched for a permanent home for him. These same rescuers adopted the other animals themselves. They also continued to support Juan in his new home.

Juan’s caregivers contacted Equamore in search of that forever home and four days later he was in a trailer on his way to the Sanctuary. After a twenty-hour trailer ride, he arrived five minutes late for his appointment with the ophthalmologist. Although he was completely blind, he soon became free of pain caused be the inflammation that had plagued him for so long.

After his arrival, his eye exam, and a physical exam from our regular vet, he was turned into the arena to stretch his legs. Welcoming the open space and soft dirt, Juan rolled at least four times.

He is was stalled next to Bryant and became quite attached to his new friend.

Even in the face of all of Juan’s hardship, pain and blindness, he was a remarkably sweet horse. He always walked towards a person’s voice, was happy for attention, and grateful for treats! Amazing grace…..