I have blogged about Sara many times: how I happily bit her (July, 2012), how I schemed to set her “free” (May, 2013), how I gloated when she knew our person was giving me treats (July, 2013) and how I joyfully chased her through the fields (April, 2014).

I have not blogged or even complained about her recently because she has had so many problems and our person was so upset about it.  Sara died last week.  It makes me a little sorry for all the things I said and how I treated her.  I am not perfect for sure, but I am a truthful horse.  I just don’t like mares. But if you liked mares (like Finn does, and Magic did), I admit that you would think Sara was beautiful, funny and kind. I hope she knew I was just playing.

My person was also her person, and to be frank I was a little jealous of all the attention she got, especially since she started having so many problems.  So many treats that could have come my way.  Now my person is really sad and I feel bad.  Sara, if you can hear me, I didn’t mean anything bad.  I will be good to our person and will try to be better to the other mares

Please tell Magic and Hoover that I am well and miss them.

I am Thor and I am an Equamore horse.