Yesterday the people had a “party” to celebrate the end of this year and the beginning of the next one. I don’t keep time. Sun up – breakfast, sun down – dinner. Clean and simple.

Parties make people do some dumb things, but this one really chafed. To celebrate they kept us all in the barn so the people could look at us. I hate all those people coming in, with everyone wanting to touch us. I prefer the company of horses and the tempo of hoof beats to the company of people and their odd music blaring through the barn.

But the worst – seriously, the worst – was the decorations. Good idea gone terribly wrong. Each stall door had decorations with carrots hanging – just out of reach of the horses. Why?  Who would think that‘s a good idea? Looking at those carrots all day while trying to avoid being petted was a lot for this horse to bear.

My wish for the New Year is that people get smarter. Yup, clean and simple.

I am Thor and I am an Equamore horse.