A Desperate Case of Neglect and A Remarkable Recovery

  • Bay Thoroughbred Gelding
  • Entry Date – 5/15/09 (Originally rescued by Sanctuary One on 5/14/08)
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered to Jackson County Animal Control
  • Reason – Starvation victim by a hoarder
  • Special needs – Some special feeds
Apollo Ribs

Apollo upon arrival.

The Jackson County Animal Control Agency rescued Apollo when they convinced a “hoarder” to relinquish several horses she claimed to have rescued, but kept in deplorable conditions. The officer saw that two of the most emaciated horses were transported to Sanctuary One where rehabilitation began.

Rehab for Apollo was difficult and at times dangerous. The gelding was very protective of his personal space, becoming aggressive when food was involved. After several months of regular feedings—lots of them—he settled down and has become quite calm and easy to be around in most situations.

The pictures documenting Apollo’s recovery shows how desperate his situation was before his rescue. They also show that horses can make remarkable recoveries from the brink of starvation and neglect if given proper care and nourishment.

One year later, Apollo was moved to the Equamore Sanctuary where he will be loved and looked after for the remainder of his life.