“They Used to Call Me Pal.”

  • Breed – Quarter Horse – Liver Chestnut Gelding – Over 30 years of age
  • Entry Date – 12/8/2013
  • Type of rescue – Homeless
  • Reason – Abandoned
  • Special needs – Special Feeds

Equamore Sanctuary received a phone call about a little horse that was fending for himself in the mountains above the Sanctuary. He had been spotted a year earlier, alone and very ill as evidenced by the large amount of mucous discharge coming from his nostrils. The caller, soon to become his savior, said he was surprised that the little horse was still alive. Alone for years in the wild, it was amazing he had survived the winters and had not become prey.

Pal’s situation was very grim, as there was about eight inches of snow blanketing the ground and nothing for him to eat. Pal’s hero cross-country skied into the valley where Pal was sighted last and packed in some hay for him until we could arrange transportation to the Sanctuary.

He is now living in the main barn during the night and turned out into the gelding field during the day to graze and exercise and has formed a very close friendship with a mustang named Mister. After suffering years of loneliness, Pal follows Mister everywhere he goes and becomes very upset if separated from his new friend.