A Hidden Treasure

  • Aradian Gelding
  • Entry Date – February 7, 2013
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered at direction of Jackson County Sheriff
  • Reason – Severe Neglect/Starvation
  • Special needs – Special feeds

Several reports were made regarding a property in Central Point, Oregon with a variety of animals in poor conditions, including horses. After repeated reports from concerned citizens, the Jackson County Sheriff’s office again visited the property and instructed the owners to give up the starving gelding hidden from view behind the home. The owner called Equamore and RC was taken to the Sanctuary.  After only one night in a cozy stall, with a blanket and special feeds, RC was bright, curious and friendly.  Everyone who passes gets a nicker! His recovery may be long, but he is certainly enjoying the process!

One of his pasture mates – Dusty, an overweight Draft/Belgium cross, later joined RC at the Sanctuary and we are hopeful that with some training he will find his forever home.

Sadly, this is not an uncommon occurrence – a starving horse and an overweight horse in the same location. Without proper feeding techniques, and insufficient feed, one horse will typically bully the others, leaving his pasture mates without enough to eat. We are hopeful that by removing the dominant horse the many animals remaining on the property will have a better chance to get enough feed.   Meanwhile, RC will make the Sanctuary his permanent home.