She Eats Like a Horse!

  • Bay Thoroughbred Mare
  • Entry Date – 5/26/2013 at approximately 23 years of age
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – Starvation, Unwanted
  • Special needs – Special Feeds

Not much is known of Lucy’s past prior to 2013. A kind trainer rescued her from a home in White City where the neglected mare was starving. The trainer then included Lucy as part of the sale of another horse in the hopes that she could live out her life in pasture in the company of other horses. The twenty-three-year-old thoroughbred mare is an example of what can happen when older horses are placed in a field with other, younger horses with whom they cannot compete for food. The new home proved a failure, and Lucy came to the Sanctuary less than two weeks after arriving in the Applegate. To make matters worse, while being transported to Equamore, the aged mare somehow fell in the trailer, arriving with multiple cuts and scrapes and, understandably, very anxious.

Lucy’s adjustment to her new life at the Sanctuary has been quick. She is a sweet and loving mare and immediately bonded with Kizzy. Lucy spends her days with Kizzy in the mare field and sleeps at night in the stall next to Kizzy’s. On her arrival she was several hundred pounds under weight, but she will gain those pounds back quickly as she is eating—dare we say it—like a horse!