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Hungry, Neglected, Abused... Never Again!

The Tasmanian Devil (Taz)

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Earned His Retirement

  • Bay QTR Gelding
  • Born 4/16/87
  • Entry Date – 6/1/03
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – Owner’s moved away and couldn’t take him
  • Special needs – Previcox daily

Eden Farm purchased Taz in 1992 when he was 5 years old. Shortly after he came to the farm, he was purchased for a very young Dominique, who grew up to become his current sponsor. Dominique had lost track of Taz after her family moved to California, leaving him at the farm. The bay gelding was sold once in January of 1996 and returned, adopted in June 2000 and returned in April 2002, adopted again in March 2003 and returned for the last time.

After his last return, Taz was used only occasionally as a schooling horse, as he was not the best mount for a beginning rider. He has been in full retirement for several years now because of an arthritic condition in his stifle joints. He can be seen with Snoopy in the gelding field during the day. In the afternoon when the horses are brought back to their stalls, Taz and Snoopy are allowed to come in freely by themselves, going directly to their own side-by-side stalls.

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