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Blind but Living Large!

  • Dark Bay Mustang Mare
  • Entry Date – December, 2012 at _____  years of age
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – Blindness, and companion was starving
  • Special needs – Appropriate facility for a blind horse

Wishes is a beautiful and sweet mustang mare rescued in 2012.  She found her way to the Sanctuary via Shane, an elderly paint who was her guide horse for many years, for Wishes is blind.  At the Sanctuary, Wishes and Shane shared side-by-side stalls and spent time together n the indoor arena.  Sadly, Shane died a mere six weeks after coming to the Sanctuary.   For Wishes, integration into the mare field was not possible. Even though she has learned to use her acute sense of hearing to identify the presence of other horses and people, she cannot see the visual cues horses give that, without a proper response, may result in serious consequences.

About this same time, our lovely Thoroughbred Eddie went blind from an untreatable eye condition.   In the safety of the indoor arena by day and their side-by-side stalls at night, Wishes and Eddie became friends.   In response to their special needs—and in memory of Boogie, who was also blind, Equamore created a special field for Wishes and Eddie. Using the sounds of Neil Creek on one side and traffic on Hwy 66 on the other side as well as the driveways at each end, the two have memorized the field’s dimensions. They can be seen, galloping, grazing, and grooming each other, all of the things sighted horses do!  You can recognize Wishes by watching for a horse who stands, her head held high, listening carefully to identify where you are by the sound of your voice.

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