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An Endurance Horse Who Had To Endure Too Much

  • Bay Arabian/Saddlebred cross Gelding
  • Entry Date – 7/1/12 at 19 years of age
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – So he would have a permanent home
  • Special needs – None

Tebow was used for endurance racing for a number of years and at some point he even competed in the grueling Tevis Cup race. When his racing career ended, however, the bay gelding fell on hard times. He was found at a horse auction in Klamath Falls by Sharon Weisner who, despite his emaciated condition, bought him to save him from almost certain death in a slaughter house.

After purchasing Tebow, Sharon took him home for a while to fatten him up. When the winter months grew colder, she brought him to Equamore Sanctuary where she boarded him for some months before realizing that he was simply too much horse for her experience. Like many sport horses, the requirements of competition have made Tebow so “hyper” that when he sees a saddle he prepares for what he thinks is coming: an all-out contest that requires the expenditure of every ounce of mental and physical energy he can muster. Sitting on a horse like this is like sitting on a time-bomb. Because she realized that it will take more skill and time to diffuse it than she has, Tebow’s rescuer surrendered him to the care of the Foundation’s more skilled volunteers.

Tebow has nearly recovered his proper body weight, but is still the first horse wanting to come in from his daily turnout to the safety of his stall and all the hay he can eat.

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