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Beyond All Hope

  • Breed – Peruvian Paso
  • Entry Date – September 2012 at 3 years of age
  • Type of rescue – Surrender by owner
  • Reason – Starvation
  • Special needs – None

Porter was found by Equamore volunteers in a field where the amount of feed was clearly not enough to sustain the large herd of horses pastured with him. The larger, more dominant horses protected themselves by chasing the smaller, less aggressive horses away from the hay piles provided by their owner. Porter was one of the horses that could not compete for the available food. When Equamore volunteers found him, he stood, severely underweight and battered, at a distance from his herd mates, stoically waiting for an inevitable death by starvation.

Even when he was removed from this hostile environment and safely stabled at Equamore Sanctuary, the diminutive Peruvian Paso ignored the food now freely available to him. It took several days before he could be persuaded to take that first, hopeful bite of nourishment. From that time on, however, he hasn’t looked back. He is now the jokester of the gelding field. If mischief is afoot, you can be sure that Porter has a hoof in it.

At three years of age, Porter was rescued originally for possible rehoming, but radiographs revealed that he had developed substantial arthritis in the joints of his lower legs which would be exacerbated if he were to be ridden. He was officially accepted into the Foundation and will be an Equamore horse, as well as a hopeful horse, for the rest of his life.

The gallery below shows Porter before rescue and after eight weeks fully recovered and at his inquisitive best, exploring this new fangled contraption called a fly mask.

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