Nostalgia (Portia)

Once An Equamore Horse, Always An Equamore Horse

  • Bay Dutch Warm Blood Mare
  • Born 5/6/1995
  • Entry Date – 10/1/06
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – Family tragedy
  • Special needs – None

This beautiful bay mare was originally owned by an Eden Farm boarder whose family suffered a tragedy that made it impossible to keep Portia. In February of 2007, she was adopted by Sarah Marshall and moved to the Portland area. In July of 2011 Sarah returned Portia to the Sanctuary to retire her with a lifetime sponsorship as Portia had an undiagnosed chronic lameness. Shortly after her arrival, she became sound again and was put back into dressage training and has shown no signs of lameness since. On July 15, 2012 Portia was transported to a boarding stable in the Portland area to be with Sarah once again.

Portia is the perfect example of what it means when we say, “once an Equamore horse, always an Equamore horse.”

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