Lord Sexton (Gabe)

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Facing Every Challenge

  • Bay TB Gelding
  • Born 1998
  • Entry Date – 4/1/05
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – Owner unable to provide the care he needed
  • Special needs – Previcox daily
Gabe Before Sm

Gabe upon arrival.

Gabe, a Kentucky Thoroughbred born in 1998, was purchased and moved to a Georgia barn specializing in training for jumping competition. Within just three months of training, his left front fetlock started to swell, due to a severe arthritic condition in the joint, probably the result of his short racing career. Since Gabe could no longer be ridden, he was moved to northern California as a companion to a horse that had been purchased from the Georgia training facility. At his new home Gabe injured himself again when he got tangled in a fence and scarred both forearms.

He came to the Foundation in April of 2005. In just a very short period of time, Gabe improved tremendously in his overall physical condition and now is at a perfect body weight with only a slight limp.

Luck has never been on Gabe’s side. In November of 2007 he came down with Potomac Fever and after several days in intensive care, he managed to survive and regain his health. Then in August of 2010, he lost the sight of his left eye because of an infection. In May of 2012, the eye became painful because of ulcers caused by Gabe’s rubbing it. Finally in July of 2012, the eye was removed after treatments with antibiotic ointments failed to relieve the pain he was experiencing from the ulcers. Once again Gabe has recovered from another of life’s challenges.

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