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Down On Her Knees

  • Chestnut QTR Mare
  • Entry Date – 3/15/11
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – Could not be ridden
  • Special needs – Previcox daily

Kizzy’s owner said that every time she put on the saddle, the petite quarter horse would fall to her knees. And it’s no wonder, for Kizzy’s front legs are very bowed and also extremely “over at the knee” in both front legs. In Kizzy’s case, this conformation flaw is quite pronounced, her hooves actually placed behind her knees instead of directly under them where they would fully support her weight. Even if the chestnut mare could bear up under the added burden of a saddle and rider, she could easily trip and fall, making her unsafe to ride.

Kizzy was quite thin when she arrived at the Sanctuary. Whether or not she was being offered enough hay in her previous home is unknown, but her teeth were in serious need of dental care, which she received shortly after she arrived at the Sanctuary.

In full retirement now, Kizzy and her herd of three other mares and a gelding roam together, grazing in a very large pasture with access to shelter. She is still quite fearful of being separated from her pasture mates for any reason, most likely due to the fact that she had multiple owners and had her living situation changed much too often.

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