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She’s a Horse, of Course

  • Roan Miniature Mare
  • Entry Date – 4/17/2013 at approximately 10 years of age
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – Owner unable to provide the appropriate feed and turnout
  • Special needs – No green grass and small amounts of hay

Miniature horses attract many first-time horse owners because they are cute, small, and apparently inexpensive to own.  Unfortunately, for the horse and the would-be owner, such is not the case. Although “Minis” are, indeed, cute and small, they are almost as expensive to own as a full-grown horse while some Minis need even more careful management than their larger brethren.

Jasmine, an adorable roan miniature mare, is a case in point.

Not realizing that their mini needed special care, Jasmine’s owners were unprepared for the expense and time it takes to keep a horse—and especially a “toy” horse—healthy. They provided her a rich, green pasture when she actually needed to be in a dry lot or in an environment with limited grazing. As a result, Jasmine got too much of a good thing and suffered the consequences, an attack of laminitis, a debilitating hoof condition that threatened her life.

Very lame and in serious need of proper hoof trimming and restricted pasturage, Jasmine was accepted by the Equamore Sanctuary in 2013. She was immediately placed in the care of Equamore’s veterinarians. Thankfully, radiographs showed that the damage to the coffin bones in her hooves was minimal. After just two months of correct hoof care and a modified feeding regimen, Jasmine is galloping with pure joy and enthusiasm alongside Ranger (another Mini), the ponies, Poquito, Dapples, and Sampson, and their guardian, the General (a full size horse).

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