General UC Davis

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Given A Second Chance To See

  • Chestnut Feral Gelding
  • Entry Date – Spring of 1999 at 2 weeks of age
  • Type of rescue – Abandoned by his herd
  • Reason – Blind and caught in brush
  • Special needs – None

General was just two weeks old when a rancher found him abandoned by his herd. Tangled in brush and blind from bilateral cataracts, there was no way he could keep up with the other horses. The rancher brought the young foal to Equamore. The Foundation paid for the eye surgery he needed through private donations and a generous reduction in the price from the Davis veterinary school at the University of California. The vet school restored the foal’s sight by vacuuming out the cataracts.  However, his vision was equivalent to looking under water since he has no lenses. Because of their help, the horse was named “General U C Davis.”

Once returned to the Sanctuary, General was looked after by volunteers and the horses Suds and Eden, who have since passed. Because he was raised mostly by humans, this chestnut gelding didn’t really learn how to be a horse and tends to be impolite at times. His sight has degenerated somewhat, including losing all vision in his right eye, but he has become a loyal horse. He watches over the whole pony field that includes two miniature horses (Ranger and Jasmine), two ponies (Poquito and Dapples), and a pony cross (Sampson).  He doesn’t tolerate any other horses near the ponies and minis. He’s truly a general for the little guys.


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