• Grade Bay Mare
  • Entry Date –1/24/2016 at an indeterminate age
  • Type of rescue – Surrender
  • Reason – Starvation due to neglect
  • Special needs – Special feeds and daily medication for lameness

Frida came from the same property in Central Point where Arlo was also surrendered during the same week. Two months in Sanctuary have made a huge difference in their body scores and dispositions. They now have “afters” to go with their “before” pictures.

Sadly, less than three years ago, the same owner on the same property surrendered two horses after intervention by law enforcement, including our beloved Royal Crown who was also emaciated from starvation.  At that time, as in January, other animals had to be left on the property.

Because Jackson County deputies pushed to get the most desperate horses removed as quickly as possible to save their lives, they did not go through the more difficult and longer legal process of seizure and arrest. It was a devil’s choice, for sure, with consequences borne by the remaining horses (and donkeys, and sheep…) and by rescues who must raise more funds to support additional animals.

In the meantime, the owner remains free to continue the practice that resulted in the suffering endured by Frida, Arlo, and Royal Crown.  The question is: how long will it be before we are called to the same property again?

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