Empress Steele

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And Then There Was One—Twice!

  • Breed – Gray Thoroughbred Mare
  • Born 6/26/02
  • Entry Date – 12/12/10
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – Owner financially unable to care for his animals and surrendered them all
  • Special needs – None

Steel is one of the horses surrendered to Equamore during the Christmas Rescue of 2010; a 200 mile drive to Christmas Valley, Oregon which resulted in three horses being placed with new owners and three taken into the Foundation.

One of the horses, a twenty-four-year-old stud named Awesome, was barely able to stand because of the condition of his feet. A thirty-four-year old mare named Tess, whose teeth could no longer properly grind up hay, was very thin. Sweet Tess was fed special feeds, which she loved, and was restored to a healthy body weight. A hoof trimmer and veterinarians worked together to rehabilitate Awesome’s hoof condition, but he was put to rest three months after his arrival and Tess died ten days later of natural causes.

Steel, however, despite arthritis in her right knee, was quite sound and was placed in foster care as a companion horse. When both the woman who fostered the lovely mare died, Steele was returned to Equamore as per our foster agreement. She again
hangs with three other mares and a gelding in a huge pasture with shelters at the Sanctuary. She is a beautiful grey thoroughbred whose lip tattoo indicates that she raced before being bought as a brood mare. Her former owner loved his animals, but was unable to care for them, asking for help in placing his horses and a number of goats.

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