Echo Star

Neglected, Abused, and Angry About It

  • Bay Arab Gelding
  • Born 6/02
  • Entry Date – 9/25/07
  • Type of rescue – Seizure by Sheriff’s Department
  • Reason – He was a mismanaged stallion that savagely bit someone. He also suffered from neglect and abuse.
  • Special needs – None
Echo Sm

Echo Star

Echo came to the Sanctuary as a thin and malnourished stallion in October 2007, having spent much of his life pacing a small paddock. Mismanaged as a stallion, his frustration was so great that he had attacked and savagely bit a woman and was impounded by Jackson County Animal Control. Euthanasia was seen as the only alternative for him until a group of Equamore volunteers intervened on his behalf.

As soon as his health allowed, Echo was gelded after coming to Equamore Sanctuary. Those observing him as he lay snoring in the arena after the procedure agreed that this beautiful and energetic horse had probably not slept this well or deeply in years. Having received adequate food and care, as well as the appreciation and respect offered by Equamore volunteers, Echo now feels safe enough to reclaim his true nature, becoming less and less anxious and more and more playful. He has been integrated into the Equamore gelding herd, where he spends his days “protecting” his BFFs, who can’t figure out what all the fuss is about.

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