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A Small Pony Wearing “Slippers”

  • Palomino Shetland Pony Mare
  • Entry Date – 4/28/08
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – Severe neglect of her hooves
  • Special needs – None

Dapples spent most of her life as a party pony. When the business failed, she was placed with one other horse in a pasture where both were left to fend for themselves on sparsely growing grass and weeds.

Because lightweight ponies don’t abrade their outer walls, their hooves can grow into the deformity exhibited by Dapples when she came to the Equamore Foundation. Its various names—Aladdin Slippers, Dutch Shoes, and Ski Slopes—belie the serious consequences of the condition which requires an animal to walk on deformed feet. Luckily for Dapples, Equamore’s trimmer was able to trim away the excess and over time reshape her feet to restored healthy hooves, and radiographs revealed no internal damage.

Once properly trimmed, Dapples was able to use her feet and legs normally and now enjoys her life with friends Sampson and the General. Normally, these two geldings rough and tumble with each other, but they exhibit careful gentleness when playing with the once crippled pony mare.

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