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A Faithful Guardian

  • Chestnut Mustang Gelding
  • Entry Date – 12/27/11
  • Type of rescue – Surrender to Jackson County Sheriff’s Department
  • Reason – Severe neglect and starvation
  • Special needs – None now but was fed special feeds until he regained his proper weight.

Chance was once a wild and free horse. His story is painfully familiar; rounded up, sold, and ending up on the brink of death in captivity. Malnourished himself, Chance stood guard over his emaciated Appaloosa friend, Sassy. Both horses were put in jeopardy when their owner died and they were left with the elderly mother in the beginning stages of dementia. The two horses were left to starve in a pen not twenty feet from available food and water. And no one seemed to care until a visiting relative intervened by calling the Jackson County Sherriff’s Department. At the scene, officers convinced the owner’s heirs to surrender the horses to Equamore volunteers, who trailered the horses from White City to the Sanctuary in Ashland. Chance needed special feeds until he gained back his body weight and strength.

For the two and one-half years that Sassy lived at the Sanctuary, Chance never went to the top of the field in which they grazed. Sassy was too frail and Chance never left her side, always guarding her, and keeping stronger more playful horses away. Not until Sassy passed, and only after a period of severe grieving, did Chance join the other horses and show his athleticism in the fields. Sweetly, he now guards Bojingles, another horse like Sassy, who is frail with serious lameness problems.

Chance is easy to recognize with his gorgeous chestnut coat and the scar on his nose from a halter neglectfully left on far too long. He is extremely gentle and loves human attention, especially grooming.

For having lost his freedom and family in the wild, to being neglected and starved, to losing Sassy, his constant companion for many years, Chance is an amazingly kind and loving horse. We should all have a friend as true and kind as Chance! He will spend the rest of his life at the Sanctuary being loved mightily by staff, volunteers, and the frail horses he watches over.


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