Hungry, Neglected, Abused... Never Again!


Casper loves his morning roll!   From fearful and dangerous to sweet and funny, read Casper’s story here.


This beautiful mare has had a difficult life until she came to our Sanctuary.  Read about her journey here.

New Friends

New horses meeting their new herds is always exciting and joyful!   Learn about Gael and Grace’s narrow escape to our Sanctuary by clicking their names.

Old Friends

Snoopy, also known as Bold Ruler (at the center), the first Equamore horse, and friends enjoying a fall day at the Sanctuary.  Click here to read Snoopy’s journey.



FEBRUARY 16, 2016

Don’t miss this once-in-a-horse’s-lifetime celebration of Equamore’s 25th birthday on May 7th, 2016.  Buy Tickets here.   Become a sponsor here.


Ocean Oasis


April 18, 2016

A number of valuable items has been donated to be auctioned at the “Beyond-the-Finish-Line” Silver Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, May 7th, 2016 at Equamore Sanctuary. Check them out here.




MARCH 17, 2016

We provide our “Horses Needing Homes” web page in an effort to help people looking to re-home their horses and for people looking to change the world for a horse needing a home.

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Spring 2016

The Spring NeighSaver is the start of our 25th anniversary year! If you wonder why we provide a sanctuary for horses, the answers are here. Read the NeighSaver.

Meet the Equamore Horses
Equamore Foundation needs your help to provide feed, shelter and veterinary care for our existing horses, to be able to accept additional horses into the Sanctuary, and to ensure that we can stay at the Sanctuary forever. We want “Hungry, Neglected, Abused… Never Again” to be a reality for our horses and for those all those other horses that need us.
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