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Hungry, Neglected, Abused... Never Again!

  • Finn

    For months after rescue, Finn was extremely fearful, but never aggressive. Equamore volunteers prevailed using a benign training program that uses one important strategy: allowing a horse to act like a horse. Once healthy, Finn was gelded and allowed to interact with other horses, succeeding in yet another aspect of his training. Click Here to Support Finn…

  • Eddie and Wishes

    Both blind, Eddie and Wishes bonded after Wishes lost Shane, the horse who guided her to the Equamore Sanctuary in 2012. The pair now graze, play, and groom each other in a field specially prepared so that they can live as sighted horses do. Their stories appear in Equamore Horses. Shane’s story can be seen in Departed Friends.

  • Royal Crown (“RC”)

    Referred to Equamore by law enforcement because he was starving,  RC regained strength and agility, as well as his sense of well being, after a year of Sanctuary. He is loved  by volunteers for his new liveliness and sense of humor. Read his story here and in the Spring 2014 NeighSaver

  • Snoopy & Taz

    Taz has been in full retirement for several years now because of an arthritic condition in his stifle joints. He can be seen with Snoopy in the gelding field during the day. In the afternoon when the horses are brought back to their stalls, Taz and Snoopy are allowed to come in freely by themselves, going directly to their own side-by-side stalls. Click Here to Support Taz…


We’re Newsworthy!

Full on Summer. We’ve had out first camp, and we’re building fences and new milestones. It’s all in the Summer NeighSaver, just published. Read all about it.

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Horse Sanctuary.

Contributions help Southern Oregon’s only equine sanctuary make “Never Again” a reality for more hungry neglected, or abused horses. See how sanctuary works… 

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Horse Rescue & Intervention.

Become an Equamore Friend to help law enforcement in court-ordered seizures and owner surrenders of hungry, neglected, and abused horses. Help rescue horses… 

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Oregon Hay Bank.

Join other Equamore Partners, like the Oregon Hay Bank, as we help owners in financial distress care for their horses at home. Prevention insures that homebound horses are never again hungry, neglected, or abused. Be a Partner…

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Horse Care Education.

Take classes in horse care, body scoring, and large animal rescue to recognize the signs and have the tools to make sure that a horse is never again hungry, neglected, or abused.
Learn good horsemanship… 

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Horses Needing Homes

Occasionally horses needing new homes come to our attention, but cannot be taken into Equamore Foundation.   Check them out here.

Meet the Equamore Horses

View All Horses Equamore Foundation needs your help to provide feed, shelter and veterinary care for our existing horses, to be able to accept additional horses into the Sanctuary, and to ensure that we can stay at the Sanctuary forever. We want “Hungry, Neglected, Abused… Never Again” to be a reality for our horses and for those all those other horses that need us.