Equamore Horse Sanctuary

Barn Aisle

Our Equamore Horses!

We provide permanent sanctuary for the horses that come into our care. We could provide sanctuary for more horses with additional funding. We are located in Ashland Oregon and are the only equine sanctuary in Southern Oregon.

Sanctuary is a place of refuge or asylum. Our Sanctuary is a place for horses that have been neglected and are heading for a slow and painful death of untreated disease or starvation, horses that are abused and facing a life of pain and fear, and horses that are unwanted simply because they are old or infirm and have outlived their usefulness to humans. Our horses had no other alternatives but Sanctuary at Equamore. Equamore horses spend the rest of their lives in peace at the Sanctuary with their physical and emotional needs being cared for, and their natural beauty and dignity rediscovered and valued forever.



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