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You Must Be Kidding

My feet have been hurting again. They were really bad when I first came to Equamore. The people tried new trims and special supplements, but that was not enough. Then I had boots which I quickly I took off and hurled through the arena like missiles! Ha! Then I got shoes. I was okay with the shoes – they helped a lot. But lately my feet started hurting again. So what do the people do? They start the old routine…

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Good Words for Animals

Pope Francis I, invoking the teachings of his namesake St. Francis of Assisi, delivered an historic Encyclical Letter subtitled “On Care for Our Common Home.”  The letter calls for human beings “to respect creation and its inherent laws,” some of which cover the relationship between human beings and animals. “In our time, the Church does not simply state that other creatures are completely subordinated to the good of human beings, as if they have no worth in themselves and can…

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Royal Crown (“RC”)

A Hidden Treasure Aradian Gelding Entry Date – February 7, 2013 Type of rescue – Surrendered at direction of Jackson County Sheriff Reason – Severe Neglect/Starvation Special needs – Special feeds Several reports were made regarding a property in Central Point, Oregon with a variety of animals in poor conditions, including horses. After repeated reports from concerned citizens, the Jackson County Sheriff’s office again visited the property and instructed the owners to give up the starving gelding hidden from view behind…

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   She Eats Like a Horse! Bay Thoroughbred Mare Entry Date – 5/26/2013 at approximately 23 years of age Type of rescue – Surrendered Reason – Starvation, Unwanted Special needs – Special Feeds Not much is known of Lucy’s past prior to 2013. A kind trainer rescued her from a home in White City where the neglected mare was starving. The trainer then included Lucy as part of the sale of another horse in the hopes that she could live…

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Brie Featured


No Visible Means of Support and Needing Care from a Dog Attack Chestnut QTR Mare Entry Date – 5/6/05 at 1 year of age Type of rescue – Surrender Reason – Owner Unable to pay for boarding Special needs – None In 2005 Brie and her mother Zoë were both injured during an attack by a stray dog. While the wound to Zoë’s face healed, the injury to her leg was more severe, but she still managed to recover with…

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Official DDAF Grantee